“Raindrops” Silver and Swarovski Sapphire Crystal Necklace


The ‘Raindrops’ Necklace gives the enchanting illusion of raindrops culminating in a water fall.  The necklace itself is made of silver beads interspersed with Swarovski deep blue Sapphire Crystals encased in silver filigree contributing to the look of raindrops.  The focal is the cluster of silver dangling beads with deep blue Swarovski Sapphire Crystals near the end and each terminating with a silver bead.  There is one large silver bead suspended from a drop of smaller silver beads.  What a WOW show piece!

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Drayton Jewelry’s  ‘Raindrops’ necklace with beautiful cascading silver beads terminating with Swarovski deep blue Sapphire Crystals is sure to make you le and set you apart.  The illusion of a stunning waterfall is enchanting.  This necklace will set you apart anywhere you go.  Wearing Swarovski Crystals is becoming every girls dream!  Royalty, including Queen Elizabeth, are known to pick Swarovski Crystals for their stunning and elegant looks.



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