Multi-Agate necklace


Multi-Agate set in 12K Gold.  This is an OMG Agate – one of the prettiest we have seen.  The mounting is hand crafted in 12K gold and just sets the Multi-Agate off.  The Agate is named ‘Multi-Agate’ but is really a Blue Agate with a few other colors in it.  This is a necklace one can wear anytime but I would not recommend it for beach wear.  It is suspended on a 12K Gold chain approximately 22 inches long and finished with a small ‘springring’ clasp.

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Called a “Multi-Agate” it is really a blue Agate with multi-colors in it.  the Multi-Agate is set in 12K gold and suspended on a 12K gold chain.  Finished with a small ‘spring ring 12K gold clasp.


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