Our Craft Jewelry Studio in Burnsville, NC

Pete’s Studio is located in Burnsville, North Carolina in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains. With all the breathtaking beauty surrounding Burnsville there is constant inspiration for creative designs. One of my favorite designs has been earrings made from the seeds of local Maple trees which are enameled or plated to match ones outfit. These are not always available—only in season.

Pete, owner and jewelry artist, handcrafting Appalachian Cottage Jewelry

It all began in 1995 when I decided to make beaded angels that stand alone. These sold well in various Christmas shops. It wasn’t much of a leap to making beaded jewelry. To hone my talent I studied at the New York Institute of Art and Design and then went full time into jewelry making. Today I craft with gold, sterling silver and copper wire using semi-precious gemstones and Swarovski crystals mainly. Of course, if an interesting piece of glass or an interesting object in nature catches my eye I am predisposed to turn it into jewelry. My work started out as a hobby and I quickly accumulated a rather large collection of exquisite hand-crafted jewelry. Family and friends began wearing different pieces and began their own collections of Drayton Jewelry. In 2014 my studio was opened to the public and pieces were exhibited in a number of galleries. My aim was to support my habit—LOL. Since days at the New York Institute I have been self-taught—more original ideas that way. It has been over 20 years now. It is a long way for a retired Special Forces Green Beret with a 10-year stint managing hotels with Marriott Inc.

Because mine is a “studio” open to the public one can drop by and probably catch me there. The more prudent call first and then I make sure I’ll be available to welcome you.