Please know your country’s import policy. The buyer is responsible for any import restrictions, prohibited import items, taxes, tariffs, fees, duties, etc. We are NOT responsible for customs fees, duties, and other taxes that may be assessed for international shipments by foreign governments or their agencies. These charges are outside our control, and you must be aware of your country’s import policies and laws. If such charges are levied, then you are responsible for paying them.

If you reject your shipment, and customs and or postal notes indicate that you did not pay import, customs, or any other legally required fees or payments, and your shipment is returned to us, then, unless arrangements for re-delivery are made (we will make attempts to contact you), we will deduct a $7.00 flat fee from your refund amount to cover our cost of shipping. It is your responsibility to be aware of laws and responsibilities that pertain to your function as an importer.