Handmade Jewelry from the Blue Ridge Mountains

Drayton Jewelry is a one-of-a-kind studio specializing in exquisite handmade jewelry. Our collection includes pieces for casual wear, night-out wear, anniversaries, and weddings. For that reason, we design our unique and elegant pieces for special occasion gifts or for that special someone. Our jewelry is for when you want to make a statement! Let our jewelry inspire you and set off your favorite outfit—with prices designed to fit your budget. Be sure to make contact with us once you place your order so we can gather the colors and style you want in a particular piece you select.

Swarovski Crystals

Drayton Jewelry specializes in exquisite custom-made pieces featuring Swarovski Crystals. Swarovski crystals are semi-precious gemstones often used in unique lamp work and vintage glass. We set our crystals in 12K gold, sterling silver, and copper to provide you with pieces that are sure to be eye-catching.

Gemstones from the heart of the Appalachian Mountains & Blue Ridge Area

Drayton Jewelry features gemstones dug in our location. We then tumble and polish these gems in our studio. We use a unique setting crafted for each stone. Drayton Jewelry makes each piece, carefully, by hand, and one at a time. Never mass-produced! Our pieces are one-of-a-kind and will never be exactly duplicated.

Located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of the larger Appalachian Mountains range

Drayton Jewelry exhibits our handcrafted designer jewelry at the Appalachian Cottage in Burnsville, North Carolina, as well as at other boutiques and spas. Please stop by the gallery and see our work at 1371 E U.S. Hwy 19E Bypass, Burnsville, NC 28714.

Blue Ridge Mountains and Appalachian Mountains